Friday, August 27, 2010

Sneak Peak: SOLiD RNA-Seq Data Analysis featuring Geospiza

Next Tue. Aug. 31, Life Technologies (LT) will host webinar featuring Geospiza.  The abstract is posted below.  To register, contact your LT rep.

SOLiD RNA-Seq Data Analysis featuring Geospiza

Presented by: Hugh Arnold, PhD.
Whole Transcriptome Analysis (WTA) allows researchers to assess the whole genome for coding as well as non-coding RNAs at an unprecedented level. In addition to allowing for the complete characterization of all known RNAs in a sample (gene level expression, exon usage, splice junction, single nucleotide variants, insertions and deletions), these applications are also ideal for the identification of novel RNAs as well as novel splicing events. In this talk we will present the capabilities of GeneSifter Analysis Edition (GSAE) in supporting researchers doing WTA on SOLiD™ sequencing platforms. Using data generated from paired-end SOLiD 4™ sequencing runs of Human Brain Reference and Universal Human Reference libraries, we will cover the analysis process used in GSAE for taking raw color space reads and getting to application specific results across multiple samples. More specifically, we will highlight the open-source, best analysis practices from published literature used in GSAE as well as discuss some of the challenges and solutions for WTA analysis. Lastly, we will review a suite of application specific tools available in GSAE that allow researchers to characterize and visualize differential transcript expression, differential splicing, and identify single nucleotide variants (SNVs) in a biologically meaningful context, across many whole transcriptomes.