Friday, July 8, 2011

It's not just science and technology

PerkinElmer is committed to improving human and environmental health. Sometimes that extends beyond delivering commercial products and services to how we participate in our community.

Geospiza was proud to help the local community last Tuesday (7/5) by volunteering, through PerkinElmer's Corporate Social Responsibility program, to clean up the area around Lake Union after the Seattle's Fourth of July Celebration.

It's also great way to post a couple of pictures of some of the Geospiza team.

Pictured (l-r): Karen Friery, Sarah Lauer, Stephanie Tatem Murphy, Darrell Reising, Jackie Wright and    Jeff Kozlowski. 

Pictured (l-r): Darrell Reising, Jim Hancock, Sarah Lauer, Stephanie Tatem Murphy, Todd Smith, Jackie Wright and Jeff Kozlowski

About the activity

After thousands celebrate the Fourth of July and the watch the fireworks, Seattle’s Lake Union can be more trampled fields of chip bags and shining mounds of beer cans than amber waves of grain and purple mountains majesty.

As a member of the biotech community based around Lake Union, Geospiza donned gardening gloves and joined our neighbors for the 5th of July Lake Union Cleanup, a post-fireworks cleaning frenzy hosted by Starbucks, Puget Sound Keeper Alliance and Seattle Public Utilities.

Last year’s inaugural event had more than 700 volunteers collecting 1.15 tons of garbage – one-third of which was recycled. The cleaning event grew out of the community-based efforts to save the fireworks. When the 2010 show was cancelled due to lack of corporate sponsorship, the community launched a fund drive which raised enough money in less than 24hrs.

From April through the end of July, every site across PerkinElmer, including Geospiza, participates in one “For The Better Day” event to fulfill our company mission to improve human and environmental health while providing employees with an opportunity to build stronger teams and communities where we work, live and play.