Thursday, July 31, 2008

Questions from our mailbag: How do I cite FinchTV?

One of the questions that appears in our mailbox from time to time concerns citing FinchTV or other Geospiza products. A quick search with Google Scholar for "FinchTV" finds 42 examples where FinchTV was cited in research publications. Most of the citations seem to follow the same conventions.

We recommend citing FinchTV as you would any other experimental software tool, instrument, or reagent. The citation should include the version of the program, the company, the location, and the web site. Other Geospiza products (FinchLab, Finch Suite, and iFinch) may be cited in similar manner.

In our case, a citation would most likely read:

FinchTV 1.4.0 (Geospiza, Inc.; Seattle, WA, USA;

If you're not sure which version of FinchTV you're using, open the About menu. The version number will appear on the page.

It would also be a good idea to check with the journal where you plan to submit the article. Most journals have a set of instructions for authors where they provide example citations.

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