Tuesday, December 2, 2008

ABRF 2009 is just around the corner

Karen Jonscher said it best, “Reminder - register now for the [ABRF] Satellite Educational Workshops!”

In her email to the ABRF email forum, Karen reminded us that the ABRF Education Committee is excited to present five new Satellite Educational Workshops at ABRF 2009 in Memphis Tennessee on genomics and proteomics technologies. Of course, I think the most exciting topic is Next Generation DNA Sequencing, subtitled "Massively Parallel Sequencers in the Core Facility: Applications and Computation."

The workshop will have a full day of presentations and discussions. The first part, “Platforms and Applications” will focus on the laboratory perspective of running these systems. We will have three presentations on what is it like to prepare and run samples as well as troubleshoot equipment and how to review quality control data.

The second part, “Computation and Analysis” will tackle heady issues of what to do with the massive amounts of data being produced. Presenters will provide information ranging from an overview of data analysis, to data management infrastructures, to discovery based analysis for SNP and biomarker discovery.

During the day there will be time to meet and speak with the presenters as well as representatives from sponsoring companies. It will be good.

Both general information about all of the workshops and specific information about the next generation sequencing workshop are posted at the ABRF site. Don't wait, you might miss a great opportunity.

Hope to see you in Memphis.

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