Sunday, March 7, 2010

AGBT Round Up

This year's AGBT conference created a lot of excitement in the sequencing community.  It's a been a week since the show, so everyone has had a chance to write up their blogs and news.

AGBT - Advances in Genome Biology and Technology

As the name implies, the AGBT conference focuses on genomics technologies and how they are applied to study biology.  Conference sessions cover the a gamut of new genomics-based discoveries, new technologies, and informatics.  The predominant technology used in genomics research is DNA sequencing, hence a large portion of the conference is devoted to learning how next generation sequencing (NGS) instruments are improving and how new instruments will change the NGS landscape.  Because informatics is so important in NGS, the conference is attended by a lot of bioinformatics specialists who like to blog and communicate what they are learning in real time through twitter.  Links to their posts are listed below.

Blogs other summarized coverage

BioTechniques summary of single molecule sequencing (

Anthony Fejes' conference notes. Great read, lots of detail. (

Genetic Inference summarizes instruments, talks, and speculates on single molecule sequencing (

Genetic Future's coverage of the new sequencing instruments (

MassGenomics' coverage of the cancer genomics session (

The above sites also have other posts sharing the author's perspectives on instruments and companies working in the NGS space.

Raw Data

For those interested in the blow by blow tweets as they occurred in real time, visit twitter and search on #AGBT.

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