Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Geospiza in the News

Our release that Eurofins MWG Operon has standardized their worldwide DNA sequencing operations on the GeneSifter LIMS is important for several reasons.

Most significantly, as noted in the press release, we were chosen because of our deep support for both Sanger and Next Generation DNA sequencing (NGS). Our support for Sanger has been developed and improved on since 1997. No other LIMS product provides a comparable depth when it comes to understanding how Sanger sequencing (and fragment analysis) services are supported in the laboratory, or how Sanger data should be summarized in groups, by instruments, or runs to make quality control assessments and decisions. Finally, GeneSifter is the only Sanger-based product that allows sequence editing and tracks versions of those edits. This feature is made possible through integration with our popular FinchTV program that also provides a jumping off point for analyzing individual sequences with BLAST.  

The news also points out that Sanger sequencing continues to play an important role in the DNA sequencing ecosystem. No other sequencing technology is suitable for doing a large number of small things. Thus, researchers access to Sanger systems will continue to play an important role in confirming clones, sequencing individual PCR products, and validating the results of NGS experiments. As many labs sunset their Sanger equipment in favor of NGS equipment, services such as those provided by Eurofins MWG Operon will continue to grow in importance, and we are thrilled to help. 

Of course, the GeneSifter LIMS (GSLE) does much more than Sanger sequencing. Our NGS support is highly regarded, along with our microarray support as discussed in recent blogs announcing the current GSLE release and our recent news about PacBio.

Other product strengths include GSLE's configurability and application programming interfaces (APIs). Supporting worldwide deployment means non-english speakers within labs need to be able to communicate and use their words in forms and instructions. Using GSLE's standard web interfaces groups can internationalize parts of the system with their own language terms and comments to help their work. Finally, using GSLE's APIs Eurofins MWG Operon has easily incorporated the system into their web site to provide their customers with a smooth experience. 

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