Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Samples to Knowledge

Today Geospiza and Ingenuity announced a collaboration to integrate our respective GeneSifter Analysis Edition (GSAE) and Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA) software systems. 

Why is this important?

Geospiza has always been committed to providing our customers the most complete software systems for genetic analysis. Our LIMS [GeneSifter Laboratory Edition] and GSAE have worked together to form a comprehensive samples to results platform. From core labs, to individual research groups, to large scale sequencing centers, GSLE is used for collecting sample information, tracking sample processing, and organizing the resulting DNA sequences, microarray files, and other data. Advanced quality reports keep projects on track and within budget.  

For many years, GSAE has provided a robust and scalable way to scientifically analyze the data collected for many samples. Complex datasets are reduced and normalized to produce quantitative values that can be compared between samples and within groups of samples. Additionally, GSAE has integrated open-source tools like Gene Ontologies and KEGG pathways to explore the biology associated with lists of differentially expressed genes. In the case of Next Generation Sequencing, GSAE has had the most comprehensive and integrated support for the entire data analysis workflow from basic quality assessment to sequence alignment and comparative analysis. 

With Ingenuity we will be able to take data-driven biology exploration to a whole new level.  The IPA system is a leading platform for discovering pathways and finding the relevant literature associated with genes and lists of genes that show differential expression in microarray analysis. Ingenuity's approach focuses on combining software curation with expert review to create a state-of-the-art system that gets scientists to actionable information more quickly than conventional methods.  

Through this collaboration two leading companies will be working together to extend their support for NGS applications. GeneSifter's pathway analysis capabilities will increase and IPA's support will extend to NGS. Our customers will benefit by having access to the most advanced tools for turning vast amounts of data into biologically meaningful results to derive new knowledge.

Samples to ResultsTM becomes Samples to KnowledgeTM

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