Thursday, February 28, 2013

ABRF 2013

The annual Association of Biomedical Research Facilities begins this weekend (March 2 - 5).  We [PerkinElmer] will be busy at the conference as participants and as a vendor supporting this great organization and our many customers. From client presentations to our own work we will share our latest and greatest.


Saturday: 3/2 "Breaking the Data Analysis Bottleneck: Solutions That Work for RNA and Exome Sequencing." Rebecca Laborde, Mayo Clinic will present on how the teams she works with use GeneSifter for they're NGS data analysis. This is part of Satellite Workshop 1: Applications of NGS.

Monday: 3/4 "Oyster Transcriptome Analysis by Next Gen Sequencing." Natalia Reyero, Genetics and Development Biology Center, NHLBI will give a presentation based on her award nominated poster (below) during the (RG5) Genomics Research Group. GeneSifter had a role in the data analysis.

Saturday and Monday Posters:

#7 "Identifying Mutations in Transcriptionally Active Regions on Genomes Using Next Generation Sequencing." Eric Olson, PerkinElmer, presents ways in which RNA-seq can be used to define transcripts to identify functional mutations in organisms that have sparsely annotated reference genomes. 

#11 "What Does It Take to Identify the Signal from the Noise in Molecular Profiling of Tumors?" Eric Olson, PerkinElmer presents ways to use RNA sequencing and bioinformatic approaches to filter the vast numbers of variants observed in DNA sequence data obtained from tumors to a manageable number that are most likely to be the drivers of tumor growth.

Award Nominee
#119 "Elucidating the Effects of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill on the Atlantic Oyster Using Global Transcriptome Analysis" Natalia Reyero, Genetics and Development Biology Center, NHLBI. If you are interested in learning about the aftermath of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, you will find Natalia's work interesting. 

And that's not all. The the booth will be hopping. We will have meet the speaker opportunities on Sunday and Tuesday and as well as many demos of our GeneSifter Analysis and LIMS products.  PerkinElmer Informatics will have individuals to show new features in PerkinElmer's Electronic Laboratory Notebook and other products, and Caliper and Chemagen reps will be on hand to talk about the great things we do for sample prep.  

Check us out a Booth 522 to get schedules and see what's new.

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