Monday, April 14, 2008

Digital Gene Expression with Next Gen Sequencing

Next Gen Sequencing is changing how we approach problems ranging from whole genome shotgun sequencing, to variation analysis, to gene expression, to structural genomics. Next week, April 23rd, Geospiza will present a webinar on managing Digital Gene Expression experiments and data with FinchLab. The webinar is hosted by Illumina as part of their ongoing webinar series on Next Gen sequencing.


Next Gen sequencers enable researchers to perform new and exciting experiments like digital gene expression. Next Gen sequencers, however, also expose researchers to unprecedented experimental data volume and the need for new tools to support these projects. A single run of the Illumina Genome Analyzer, for example, can generate terabytes of data and 100s of thousands of files. To manage these projects effectively, researchers will need new software systems to quickly track samples, access and analyze the key results files produced by these runs and focus on the science, rather than IT.

In this webinar, Geospiza will demonstrate how the FinchLab Next Gen Edition workflow software can be used track samples, quality review data, and characterize the biological significance of an Illumina dataset while streamlining the entire process from sample to result for a Digital Gene Expression experiment.

Hope to see you there.

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