Friday, April 25, 2008

Managing Digital Gene Expression Workflows with FinchLab

Last Wed (4/23) Illumina hosted a Geospiza presentation featuring how FinchLab supports mRNA tag profiling experiments. We had a great turnout and the presentation is posted on the Illumina web site.

In the webninar we talked about:
  • Next Gen sequencing applications
  • How the Illumina Genome Analyzer makes mRNA Tag Profiling more sensitive by looking at some features of mRNA Tag Profiling data sets with FinchLab
  • Setting up and tracking laboratory workflows with FinchLab
  • Why it is important to link the laboratory work and data analysis work
  • Setting up data analysis and reviewing results with FinchLab
  • Using hosted solutions to overcome the significant data management challenges that accompany Next Gen technologies
Over the coming weeks and months we'll explore the above points through multiple posts. In the meantime, get the presentation and enjoy.

From Sample to Results: Managing Illumina Data Workflow with FinchLab

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