Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Geospiza and Isilon Systems find room for Next Gen sequencing data

Some of you were probably wondering where we were going to put all of that Next Generation Sequencing data. We found a place. By working with Isilon Systems, we get to combine their strength in data storage with our expertise in data management. It's a wonderful match!

From the press release:

Geospiza Announces OEM Agreement with Isilon Systems to Integrate Isilon X-Series Clustered Storage Systems with FinchLab Next Gen Edition Software Product

New Relationship Will Deliver High Performance, Integrated Product for Genetic Analysis

Seattle, WA February 11, 2008 — Geospiza, a leading provider of fully integrated laboratory information management systems (LIMS) and data management infrastructure solutions for genetic analysis, today announced it has entered into an OEM agreement with Isilon® Systems, the leader in clustered storage, to link the Isilon X-Series clustered storage system with FinchLab Next Gen Edition software product. The new relationship will lead to the availability of a complete IT Infrastructure Solution for Genetic Analysis.

The integrated FinchLab Next Gen Edition product delivers a comprehensive solution for laboratory operators and end users of Genetic Analysis information that includes data management systems to define experiments, and the ability to track data through production, and process genetic analysis platforms in a scaleable high capacity storage system.

“Our customers are rapidly adopting Next Generation Sequencing systems.” said Rob Arnold, President, Geospiza. “With a 1500 fold increase in data production over CE per run, new tools are required to manage the enormous volume of data produced by Next Gen Sequencing. We are delighted to be working with Isilon to deliver a platform specifically designed to scale with the lab as their needs grow.”

“Isilon is very excited to be working with an industry leader like Geospiza,” said Tony Regier, Vice President of Global Sales Partners, Isilon Systems. “We believe our combined offering will deliver productivity improvements to laboratory operators so end users can focus more time on the science and less on the complexities of IT administration.”

The companies have already started working with early access customers and plan to release the combined product in April 2008.

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