Monday, February 11, 2008

iFinch in education: metagenomics with JHU, part I.

iFinch is the perfect bioinformatics tool to accompany a class. I used it Fall quarter in a class that I teach at Shoreline Community College (Washington) and I'm using it right now in an on-line class that I teach at Austin Community College (Texas).

We cover several different topics in the class, but I have a fondness for long projects where we can use multiple techniques and tie everything to a common theme.

This semester we're working with bacterial sequences that were obtained from students at John Hopkins University. I've been collaborating with an instructor there for several years and now we have four years of data to dig our teeth into.

This video describes the first part of the project that we're working on.

JHU bacterial metagenomics project from Sandra Porter on Vimeo.

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